Politically empower the Latino community
in all facets of life in Southern Nevada
Politically empower the Latino community in all facets of life in Southern Nevada
2020 General Election Endorsements
Hispanics In Pilitics Supports Qualified Candidates that reflect the community, embrace our diversity, and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Support Public Education. Use their public/elected office for the welfare of all citizens. Strive to empower people of color.
U.S. Presidential
President: Joe Biden
Vice President: Kamala Harris
U.S. Congress
CD-1: Dina Titus
CD-3: Susie Lee
CD-4: Steven Horsford
Nevada State Senate
SB-4: Dina Neal
SB-6: Cannizzaro, Nicole Elizabeth
SB-18: Scott Hammond
Nevada State Assembly
AD-2: Radhika Kunnel
AD-5: Brittney Miller
AD-6: Shondra Summers-Armstrong
AD-8: Jason Frierson
AD-9: Steve Yeager
AD-10: Rochelle Nguyen
AD-11: Beatrice Duran
AD-12: Susan Martinez
AD-14: Maggie Carlton
AD-15: Howard Watts
AD-16: Cecelia Gonzalez
AD-17: Clara “Claire” Thomas
AD-21: Elaine Marzola
AD-41: Sandra Jauregui
AD-42: Alexander Assefa
Judicial / District Court
DEPT-1: Bita Yeager
DEPT-2: Richard Scotti
DEPT-3: Monica Trujillo
DEPT-6: Jacqueline Bluth
DEPT-8: Trevor Atkin
DEPT-17: Michael Villan
DEPT-18: John Hunt
DEPT-19: William Kephart
DEPT-20: Eric Johnson
DEPT-21: Jacob Reynolds
DEPT-22: Susan Johnson
DEPT-23: Jasmine Lilly-Spells
DEPT-29: David Lopez-Negrete
DEPT-31: Joanna Kishner
Family Court
DEPT-I: Soonhee Baily
DEPT-J: Dee Butler
DEPT-P: Mary Perry
DEPT-T: Nadine Cutter
DEPT-U: Bill Gonzalez
DEPT-W: Adriana RIcon-White
DEPT-X: Heidi Almase
DEPT-Y: Romeo Perez
Justice of Peace - North Las Vegas Township
3: Belinda Harris
Court of Appeals Judge
3: Susan Bush
Justice of the Supreme Court
D: Ozzie Fumo
Clark County Commissioner
District-A: Michael Naft
District-B: Marilyn Kirkpatrick
District-C: Ross Miller
District-D: David Washington
Regent, State University
District-2: Bret Whipple
District-3: Swadeep Nigam
Member, State Board of Education
District-4: Rene Cantu
Trustee, Clark County School District
District-A: Lisa Guzman
District-B: Jeff Proffitt
District-C: Tameka Henry
District-E: Alexis Salt
Ballot Questions
Question-1: NO
Question-2: YES
Question-3: YES
Question-4: YES
Question-6: YES