Politically empower the Latino community
in all facets of life in Southern Nevada
Politically empower the Latino community in all facets of life in Southern Nevada
The past, the present and the future of Hispanics in Politics

In March of 1995, HIP initiated the idea of holding monthly breakfast forums to which elected officials from both major parties, community leaders, candidates for elected office, and journalists are invited to address our membership and guests to discuss matters of interest and current events that effect the community. These HIP Monthly Breakfast Meetings have been factored into the political landscape in Southern Nevada to the point where most public figures in Nevada are glad to participate. The following is a partial list of high-profile public figures who have addressed our organization in the past.

Because of HIP’s influence within the community, Latinos began to be named to boards and commissions, particularly in Southern Nevada. The Taxi Cab Authority, Public Service Commission, Gaming Control Board, Clark County School District, the Committee to Create the City of Las Vegas Wards 5 & 6, the Committee to establish the Citizens Review Board, and a myriad more governmental entities began naming Hispanics to their respective boards.

In March of 1995, HIP initiated a HIP Monthly Breakfast Meeting with the idea of introducing elected officials, business, community, and education leaders, as well as candidates for elected office, to address the Membership, friends, and community. These HIP Monthly Breakfasts continue to this date. They have become so popular that, aside from the myriad of local, county and state leaders who have graced our meetings, HIP has hosted many national public figures as well. Some of these dignitaries include: US Senator, presently Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, Former US Treasurer Rosario Marín, Former US Secretaries of HUD Henry Cisneros and Joaquin Castro, Former Governors Bill Richardson (NM) and Martin O’Malley (MD), and Labor Leader and Activist Dolores Huerta.

Hispanics In Politics is proud of our 40 + years of service to our Nevada community. Our commitment for voter rights, free elections, equal opportunity, equal access, and equal representation and diversity in all aspects of society will not waiver. Our advocacy toward continued political empowerment of our Latino community will continue for the next 40 + years.